Big Zis – Suure Räge Remix

Big Zis – «Suure Räge (Di Katz & Sartorius Remix)»

A remix I did for Big Zis​ with the mighty Julian Sartorius. Julian and I had the idea to play and record our initial parts separately and bring them together in the studio. Only the tempo and Zis’ vocals were defined. We were quite surprised how well everything worked and moved together. Afterwards we finished the track with some overdubs.

Produced by Marton di Katz. Music by Marton di Katz and Julian Sartorius. Lyrics by Big Zis. Mixed by Reto Muggli. Mastered by Valentino Tomasi.

Vocals: Big Zis. Keyboards, Bass, Kalimba and Drum Programming: Marton di Katz. Live Drums and Percussion: Julian Sartorius.

Original produced by Michal Ho, released 2009 on the Big Zis Album «Und jetz … was hät das mit mir z tue?».

Update 2017

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